Business service


Break out of your daily routine

A change of scenery is often beneficial. Getting away from your familiar surroundings every now and again will give you a new perspective on all those upcoming projects. New ideas can evolve that are frequently successful.

Whatever the type of seminar or conference – Hotel Bütgenbacher Hof provides venue facilities that can be adapted to your specific needs. Every kind of modern conference equipment is on hand so you can concentrate and work effectively.

And at the end of a demanding working day, seminar and conference participants can withdraw to their comfortable rooms or get away and enjoy the natural surroundings. They can also take advantage of the hotel’s extensive spa and wellness facilities.

Strengthening team spirit

Activities in the immediate vicinity

There is a wide range of activities available in the immediate vicinity to strengthen cohesion within the team and create shared experiences. At the same time, modern conference rooms enable participants to focus on work and develop new ideas.

The hotel owners will be happy to provide information on interesting leisure activities.

Food and drink requirements


The hotel's kitchen is quite naturally available for our business guests and can provide everything from breakfast and a light lunch to a fine evening dinner.

The hotel owners will be happy to work with their guests on coordinating a culinary plan. After all, it’s a well-known fact that no one can concentrate on an empty stomach.

Contact us to discuss your individual needs and to create a package.We would like to inform you that our seminar room can usually only be booked in combination with hotel rooms.