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Sustainable breakfast at Bütgenbacher Hof: a step towards environmental protection

As part of our efforts to make a positive contribution in environmental protection, we have completely redesigned our breakfast buffet with sustainability in mind.

This step marks an important start on our journey to becoming an even more environmentally friendly business, and we look forward to developing further in other areas too.

Avoiding pre-packaged products:

Our first step towards a more sustainable breakfast is to completely eliminate pre-packaged products. We not only want to reduce packaging waste, but also improve the quality and freshness of our ingredients. Fresh, unprocessed food is not only better for the environment, but also for the health of our guests.

Regional sourcing:

Another important step is our effort to source as many of our ingredients regionally as possible. By supporting local farmers and producers, we not only want to strengthen the regional economy, but also minimise transport routes and CO2 emissions. This approach enables us to offer high-quality products while also helping to protect the environment.

Environmentally friendly alternatives:

Switching from paper napkins to cloth napkins is another step towards sustainability. By using reusable napkins, we not only reduce the consumption of disposable materials, but also create a stylish and appealing atmosphere at breakfast.