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Bees from become part of the Bütgenbacher-Hof family - A sweet enrichment for our guests and the environment

We are delighted to welcome new buzzing family members to our premises: our own bees.

Our aim is to support biodiversity in our surroundings and at the same time make our guests aware of the important role bees play in our ecological cycle. For this project, we are guided by "BEE Together", under the guidance of Simon Aulbert.

Promoting biodiversity:

The colonisation of our own bees is more than just a welcome enrichment for us. It is an active contribution to the protection of biodiversity in our surroundings. Surrounded by unspoilt nature, we as a hotel want to take responsibility for nature. Bees play a crucial role in the pollination of plants and thus contribute to the preservation of a diverse flora. By supporting the bee population, we want to help preserve and promote biodiversity in our ecological environment.

Our own honey for our guests:

A special highlight of our beekeeping is the production of our own honey. Our busy bees diligently collect nectar from the surrounding nature and transform it into golden honey that reflects the unique flavour of our region. For our guests, this means the opportunity not only to enjoy the fruits of our nature, but also to take a piece of our sustainable philosophy home with them. The honey is processed in-house and is incorporated into the menus. Our guests can also purchase our own honey in our hotel shop.
Several times a year, during the harvest, we offer our guests the opportunity to take part in a small seminar. Here, "BEE Together" explains everything about bees and is happy to answer any questions our guests may have.